Annoying! inability to implement data integrity and technology platform.

Doesn’t it annoy you when service organisations (banks, utilities, public services) remain incapable of viewing you as a ‘single’ customer and send you multiple of the same communications for e.g. a rate adjustment advice for each of your bank accounts that are all pegged at the same interest rate level. Makes you feel that your service provider know you really well, doesn’t it?
What an absolute waste of resource!
Somehow though, this doesn’t annoy me as much as it used to – maybe I’ve gotten apathetic and am more tolerant of these inefficiencies. Maybe it’s because most of these communications are received in hardcopy format via post and I’m not electronically prompted of the arrival of these communications as happens in the case of incoming SMS and incoming voicemail.
Electronic communications just seems to be so much more invasive.
I am the victim of misguided and incorrect electronic communication from Truworths, a chain of South African stores that I’ve never even bought anything from. These incorrectly addressed messages populate my SMS envelope and my voicemail box!
Somehow my mobile number has been associated with a dear Mr. Jacobson who doesn’t pay his account on time. As a result I receive regular SMS’s as well as the odd voicemail in this regard. In some cases it is obvious that the voicemail has been left by a real live individual which is even more frustrating, considering that I have a voicemail message that clearly identifies me as Doug Leather. Why then, would someone leave a voice message for Mr. Jacobson when I’m clearly not the intended recipient? Clearly, no notice whatsoever is taken of my voicemail message. Somewhat of a very obvious disconnect and an example of mediocre individuals routinely following a dumb process with no application of any initiative, foresight or listening skill.
What makes this even worse is the fact that I have repeatedly tried to have this error corrected. Nobody at Truworths is able to help resolve this issue. What an irritation! Even worse, I’m building up a strong negative perception of Truworths as a result of this technological and data quality issue.
I’d be interested in any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue from anyone who is/has experienced something similar. I’d also be interested in any other examples of similar frustrations resulting from misalignment between technology applications and data integrity.


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