Customer Experience – still an empty promise!

If you google Customer Experience you have the option of reviewing 158M results. Scary isn’t it?

It’s scary because in spite of all the talk about organizations building their ‘sustainable and competitive advantage’ through the design and delivery of a unique and distinctive customer experience the majority still screw it up.

I’m not sure about you but I’m really sick and tired of being on the receiving side of RANDOM experiences. In our many client engagements I almost always hear of the intention to ‘delight’ the customer. Why I ask? Can’t you simply deliver a consistent experience everytime ? I’d be happy with that!

The reality is that the 21st Century organization requires interoperation and integration. It needs to be ‘joined-up’ with a clear understanding of the intentional customer experience it’s trying to deliver as well as the capabilities of executing against that intention. It needs to have clear definitions and a common vocabulary so that EVERYONE is talking the same language with consistent meaning.

Customer Experience has got to be ‘connected’ with the overarching business strategy. It cannot exist as a ‘bolt-on.’ It’s way too important for that. It must be fully embedded into the very core of what the business stands for. People today expect a customer experience. No organization can differentiate merely by having an experience – the differentiation comes through the ‘kind’ of experience delivered.


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  1. Hello Doug,
    This is spot on! Customer “delight ” and Customer “satisfaction” seems to have become the new cliche used by many businesses but I say give me a consistent experience anytime, rather than delight me today then disappoint me tomorrow!! Now the million dollar question for me is, since we know the challenge we are faced with, how do we get all parts of the business to speak one universal language? The intention is always there, but how do we move into execution. Please share some articles (best practice) from the organizations that have nailed this concept. Kind Regards.

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