Doug is a leading expert in Customer Management working primarily with large blue-chip corporate organisations. He is best described as a Customer Management Evangelist/Activist as a result of his broad multi-industry and multi-country insights into customer management capability understanding, best practice application, customer experience, business models and business performance improvement. The primary focus of his client work today is in helping people in businesses think and work differently together and to understand the importance of customer asset management, assessing the maturity of customer management capability and then conceiving, planning, developing/repairing, driving and measuring strategy and programmes for the 21st Century Organisation.

Doug has consulted to various blue chip organizations (Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Auto, Retail) in more than 25 countries, published numerous articles in the field of Customer Management, has hosted a radio talk show and is the Chairperson of a Customer Experience thought leadership forum known as The Customer Council. He is a founding member of, and holds Professional Membership status with PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of South Africa), a member of the US based CustomerThink advisory council, a member of the IOD, President of Group Partners MEA, a part owner of the Academy for Chief Executives South Africa and a Wharton Business School Alumnus.

He is a keen triathlete, surfer, surf skier, spearfisherman and tennis player with a love for the outdoors.


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